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Joey drews studio is the hell fire club.

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Ok before you all start coming at me with virtual pitch forks at least hear me out I know I am making a big claim here that joey drews studio is he hell fire club but at least let me show you how.

Here we see Sammy Lawnece sacrifice room from the bendy wiki page should look familiar because we see again in the game where we first meet Sammy Lawnece himself about to sacrifice us to summon bendy how do we know this just from these screenshot

This one alone says it all telling us he’s tied us down nice and tight that he doesn’t want any sheep roaming around

About our load is calling us and him reference us as a little sheep the one like that should scream hell fire club is this one (the time of sacrifice is at hand)

This maybe isn’t the first time Sammy has sacrifice now hands away from keyboards and here me out

As we walk round more of the studio you see more dead boris now we all assume it’s Alice angel killing them to get their heart to make her beautiful but what if we were wrong hey I can admit when I’m wrong anyway Sammy Lawnece start by sacrifice Boris and Alice angel aka Susie campbell went round havesting Boris heart after he was already dead yes we see all pull Boris away maybe she was saving him because she has seen what Sammy has been doing to Boris we just painted as the bad guy.

moving one we are now stepping in to the a colt stuff but I don’t think Sammy is the only member no he is just the preacher joey is the leader and the scared ink people or the lost ones what If they are just forced members

till next time guys remember that’s just a theory a bendy theory thanks for reading and following my blog if you enjoy what you are reading you know you can get involved by sounding off in the comments let me hear your theory or a take on one of mine again till next time guys✌🏻

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