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Bendy and the ink machine theory

Since chapter one we have always thought Joey drew to be bendy at the moment that still stands but to understand what went wrong we need to analysis this recording Henry’s log chapter 3

In this recording linked above Henry states that he has a new character that he thinks people are going to love, which has lead to speculation that he either created Boris or he might have been the one to make Bendy.

It has been confirmed he created bendy because you come across Henry’s works station with a drawing of bendy with a big No on it.

We have also learnt that to turn someone into a cartoon, is probably easier if that person has a strong connection to the character. Joey most likely tried to turn himself into Bendy to cheat death and it failed resulting in the monster we see in the studio, but why did it fail?

well here is another question who would have a more stronger connection to the cartoon demon?

Would it be the guy who tried to steal the idea aka joey drew or the original creator Henry no last name given. Well we all assumed it’s joey the thief drew

Also weather you played the game or watch someone else play it doesn’t the game give off a cult look and feeling when the player enters the pentagram you are immediately entered in to the satanic cult want more read my last blog entry Joey Drew’s studio is the hell fire club

Till next time guys remember it’s just a theory Nikita Wolf signing out ✌🏼

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