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Undertale characters represents real life issues

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Going back and watching jacksepticeye play Undertale really made me think alot what do the characters of Undertale really represent

Let’s start with chara they represent The need for power and the more EP the player gets the powerful chara becomes giving them the power to delete the world.

Next we have goat mum herself Toriel she sees herself as a failure and a bad parent because she couldn’t save her son and she could save chara and she now has OCD where frisk is considered because she doesn’t what to see them get hurt.

Let’s move on to Undye she is the one character that is literally out to kill the play and that is because she doesn’t know any better she has been told humans are evil but with one small act of kindness her world was opened up to the fact that not all humans are monsters that’s all it took a small act of kindness to change her mind and to not judge to quickly.

She is highly Insecure with herself and has been running away from her past it takes frisk to uncover the truth for her to truly accept what she did and face the music And that what we in real life share with alphys we run away from our problems and not face them.

Like Toriel Asgore has a lot of emotions baggage with the lost of two children one biological one adopted unlike Toriel Asgore way of coping with the lose is to take human souls he is out for revenge but he has remorse for what happened to his family he is stuck in the trap of the ends justifies the means now let’s move on to everyone favourite flowey

When you think of Flowey you think of only one person voicing him jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye vo flowey he use to have a soul use to feel and love he lost his humanity by injecting himself with determination he is now a living nightmare. like sans who will get on too In a minute he also remembers timelines so no matter what run you do he will remember everything though he may play it or as dumb if you do the Pacifist run first but if you do genocide he will remember first then pacifist he will remember the only thing he shares with the real world issues the losing

who you were and the ability to feel. The barrier holding the monsters is like a metaphor of the barrier that is hold us back more depression booze drugs self-hating are barrier to hold us down keep us back stop us from breaking free.

But that is just a theory I want to hear your take till next time guys Luna wolf 🐺 signing out ✌🏻

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