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Bendy and the ink machine theory (Henry is stuck in his own creation on a loop)

This theory came from reddit quote

What if Henry is stuck in some kind of “rerun”, because cartoons can rerun on cartoon channels. Henry, writes this stuff down to warn rerun Henry about this, so he cannot continue with the “episode”. This fails of course, and the episode repeats over and over again like a recorded episode on a DVR. Basically, Henry IS stuck in a limbo

That is a good theory there and from chapter one of you watched it or played you do see evidence to support this theory not convinced hey okay let’s start with when you start the game there are loads of tally marks maybe indicating how many times very has been though the loop hoe many times he has been though rerun.

If the tally marks couldn’t convince you the writing on the floor hidden saying don’t turn on the ink machine maybe some of the ink washed way leaving that little message when the whole message may have been if you have been called back and you are seeing this Henry what ever you do don’t turn on the ink machine you from the past the made said mistake.

On the walls is a hidden message that says don’t be scared.That’s probably Future Henry telling his past self to not be scared at the board (the words can also work for the Bendy cutout appearing at the same spot). No one else could’ve written that but Henry himself because no one was around to see the wooden board falls from the ceiling or to scare Henry with the Bendy cutout. And finally, when Henry is running from Bendy and falls down the shaft into a pool of ink, there’s more hidden text reading “I always fall.” This probably means that no matter how many times Henry has gone through the loop and tried to avoid falling, he could never do it, and is informing his past self that he can’t and will never make it out at that point. There’s probably more evidence to support this theory from chapters 2-4, but I strongly support this theory.

And that is all this is a theory provided by Reddit till next time guys Luna wolf 🐺 signing off ✌🏻

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