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Few things before we get started big thank you this YouTuber who was one of my Resources for this theory near the end without him I wouldn’t have worked our that Dream theory is involved I was tossing up between dream theory and Coma theory but dream theory looks more of a possibility if you want to see his video link here——>
By now hopefully everyone would have heard of DeltaRune a chapter based game with the same astectic and feel and look as Undertale given that DeltaRune is and anagram for Undertale but that is not the only things they have in common with each other
Look at lancer
Now look at our beloved sans see the Resemblance you think it stops there
Let’s go with WD GASTER a weird monster that just didn’t fit in to undertale seemed so out of place
This is Rouxls Kaard a shop merchant and puzzle master yeah Coincidence maybe but I think not so what does all this mean well besides stirring up a big debate online if it’s a prequel or a sequel which by the way doesn’t matter because what you are seeing isn’t the world of undertale if you are happy with your out come in undertale it’s not going to be affected in anyway in deltarune what ever out come you picked weather it was to live in peace or erase the world it will stay as you left it.
Deltarune is a different timeline a parallel universe like legend of Zelda Majora’s mask just read this To see why we say it’s a parallel world from Toby fox twitter
I’ve scaled it down but there you go straight from the creator himself now remember I said I had a second theory
Let’s take in this room now if you have played the game by now it should look familiar to you if you have played the game and your just seeing an old messy unused classroom let me help you out everything in this room represents an area in the dark world Let’s go from left to right starting with the door look at the does it look familiar no look again then look at this one it should represent the grand door the one the dark prince closes notice now. That door coincidently takes us to the field of hopes and dreams look at the rug now look at the field
Look at the rug it’s purple hey what a coincidence now look at the field of hopes and dreams also purple
You got the clock on the wall and I know your going to say but Nikita all schools have clocks what is so weird about that and how does that Represent DeltaRune hold that question I’m getting there the clock could actually represent the timed puzzles have a look at the clock in the classroom the the clock in this picture then give me your theory
Next we have the plushie cat look what happens to be a store merchant a cat of all creatures
The we reach what looks like a chess and checkers board or as we like to call it in England drafts wow have we see that before and you see a small checkers piece before it gets kinged and what do we see in the unused classroom checkerboard with a red checker being kinged
welcome to the darkened forest where we see strange blocky trees like this has taken on a minecraft format well look what is scattered on the floor everywhere then look back at those trees look familiar they should it is something every kid love and a parents worse nightmare it’s Lego
If all that being said because I think you get where this go was everything real are we look at dream theory Situation here. Anyway that’s my theory sound off below with your theories till next guys ✌🏼this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing off

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