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DeltaRune and what we know so far and a few theories !

DeltaRune is set in a alternate timeline confirmed by Toby fox himself .

When we start up the game you are greeted by a character creator only for the vessel you created to be part of Gaster followers labelled as a goner.

This is just a theory our character kris is not the Main focus yet chapter one was about susie teaching her a lesson of true friendship also the end scenes where kris is ripping Their heart out they was the way to show the player we had no control the one thing we thought we had control over doesn’t even matter because it will get ripped out in the end.

Also the it looks like the game is going to focus on Gaster and his followers which remember includes the vessel we created at the beginning.

That is what we know so far and also a theory till next guys✌🏻

Before I officially sign off let me know your thoughts on DeltaRune any theories leave them in the comments Luna Wolf 🐺 signing off

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