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What triggers chara theory

I’m sorry if someone has already done this theory and I am rehashing it but it really hit me as i was rewatching jacksepticeye play through of undetale ever wondered what triggers frisk to start being chara where it starts it may surprise you it starts way before you start your murderous rampage just from rewatching jacksepticeye’splqy through again it starts in the peaceful chara is there their waiting for you to fall they let you do you fairy tale journey but here is where I think they start waking up you come across a toy knife character stairs you put it in a box you in peaceful no killing it when you get to the castle you in what looks like torel house again you find to presents a heart pendant and a real knife that chara fully takes you over let’s you have your happy ending for a short time and hits reset now you are fully chara and you are out for revenge. This is just a theory though any way that was it till next time guys ✌🏻

Before I officially sign off if you haven’t seen my last post I posted about Stan Lee check it out this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing off

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