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In depth look at what could be happening in DeltaRune

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Before I get started big thank you to treesicle for the helpful information want to see their take on it in A story you never knew please do while we were focusing on that creepy ending we overlooked the legend

The legend of the the DeltaRune the legend of light and dark living in harmony and if that balance of Light and dark is ever described it will put the world in utter chaos

And only then the three hero’s will make themselves know the human the monster and s prince from the dark to banish heavens angel now I had my own theories on that only to scrape them soon after our our hero’s have to seal the dark fountain only for another to appear now this by all accounts could be the light fountain and the dark fountain as at Ralsei castle and three hero banishing angels heaven well you would assume that mean we are banishing the light and we are swapping the world where light is bad dark is good remember I said the legend says there is a human a monster and a prince from the dark we have the human (kris) we have the monster (chalk munching susie)

But where is the prince of the dark now we are lead to believe it is Ralsei but when does he actually say his a prince the most fitting person would be Lancer son of the king

Then we got the world we are playing in the enemies we are fighting are nothing more than inanimate objects like the ponman chess pieces c round checker piece reaching the end of the checks board and gets king to make it stronger and more capable I kick our ass the shop keep is a plushie with a button eye lancer is a spade the tutorial pieces are puzzle pieces and blocked enemies are Lego bricks enemy named rouxels Carrd Rules card and the laws of the land according to our shop keeper is there were 4 kings now there is one four kings as in cards ok we get it Toby you like games like a lot it isn’t just inspired by games it’s completely created round games lighters where like gods to us or protects or creates the ones that gave us purpose

See what he is hinting at these people these animated game pieces are just that games they were created by us and they were put away in a storage closet aka a dark room hence being locked in a prison hence why they’re darkener we game them purpose only to lose hope also why my last DeltaRune theory that it’s a dream theory still stands because we see the darkeners aka the board games see the the light again and susie and Kris made the whole adventure up the only thing that throws a spanner in that theory is if everything is accounted for in that room what about Ralsei they aren’t accounted for.

Feel free to sound off below with your theories till next time guys✌🏻

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Thank you for checking out my blog as always this is Luna Wolf 🐺 signing out

4 Replies to “In depth look at what could be happening in DeltaRune”

  1. O_O Don’t hurt the angel!
    It’s the angle who is the only one who comes from surface.

    In the Delta-Rune the 3 triangles represent the monsters while the thing that sits above it is the angle.
    According the prophecy the angle will save all of the monsters…. that or kill them all, there not 100% sure.

      1. Only by sealing the angle can the world remain the same. Your not saving them, your keeping them eternally locked away.

        The angle will ether kill them all or save them all.

        In undertale they explicitly say the Delta rune represents only monsters (the shadow dude must be lying).

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