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Article 13

What is article 13 in short article 13 is a policy that will stop content creators from using some copyrights content that will include all your favourite YouTubers instagram twitter Facebook Tik Tok and other sites that allow you to upload want to learn more about it go to this link to Matpat video

If article 13 gets pass one last time you can say goodbye to meme Matpat videos and other content will be low quality

Everything you love about the intense will be censored 🤬 or worse scraped unless we do something and we can I suggested a petition to save our internet don’t let it become a dead space for the sake of people’s entertainment and the content creators jobs #savetheinternet #saveoutinternet

#saveyourinternet #stoparticle13

That is it from me this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing off ✌🏻

Before I completely sign off please sign this petition to help save our internet

11 Replies to “Article 13”

      1. T-o again not really helpful, all he is saying is “bad things will happen” but he isn’t really saying why.

        I personally think this has more to do with user who make money on content they don’t own.
        Lets print shirts of the character,
        lets sing a cover of this song or
        lets make an animation of this property.

        YouTube should make it easier to get hold of the licenses.

      2. True they sure make it easy but as normal they don’t we rely on Matpat for the information

  1. I think article 13 is being used as a scar tactic personal but it’s best to make people aware that it’s out there

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