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Thoughts on the new avengers trailer

We got the new avengers 4 trailer and it has a name and if you haven’t seen it here’s the link Avengers 4 end game And it has a date it comes out in 26th April 2019 instead of its original date the 3rd of May 2019 now I’m not saying thats for everyone the date maybe differ for different countries but for now that is what we are look at now Here are my thoughts I think personally they didn’t need to put out the trailer this soon they could have waited till after Christmas or maybe March do I think it spoils any of the plot or answers an of our unanswered questions well no it doesn’t spoil the plot but it answer one question about the deranged Titan as we see his suit is set like a scarecrow he achieved his goal he can finally stop fighting does this affect any of the theories I put out?no it doesn’t they still stand like I said they don’t give a lot away you don’t get the full story like you would watching a DC film all you need to get from this trailer is it’s going to have a lot of action a lot of drama and it sounds like we are saying goodbye to a few people go and. Heck out the trailer yourself tell me your theories or thoughts on it in the comments below till next time guys this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing off

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