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Avengers time loop theory

Thank you to screen Rant for this theory if you want to see full theory the link is here

now  lets begin the theory it starts back with 2015 age of Ultron with  what the viewers thought was Bruce Banners  throw away

“I’m in a time loop i’m caught in a time loop this is exactly here it went wrong last time”

those throw away lines that we once dismissed have been backed up in 2016’s doctor strange when he trapped Domammu in a you guessed it a time loop to force him to quite his plans for world distraction when he planned to merge Earth with the dark dimension.

It was suggests by Doctor Strange that the MCU will have to go through 14,000,604 before we see the team win against the mad titan himself and to top it off Nick Fury might even know about it and that’s why he’s been preparing the Earth for every possible scenario for the last two decades.

but the question is how was the number that low and why did Doctor Strange see one out come where the team win well there this where the theory they were stuck in a time loop from age of Ultron comes that Doctor strange has been working his magic behind the scenes what i mean by that is the scene where we see him turn to dust he may not have we seen do that before in the dark dimension so he could see everything up and get the relevant people in play and Scott didn’t turn to dust because he was in the quantum realm so he could potentially break the time loop.

anyway that is just a theory till next time this is Luna wolf signing out

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