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Will Tony willed the gauntlet

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This is a theory that goes back to the first Ironman, let’s look at Tony Stark’s left shoulder

Now this theory fits in with the whole time travel theory but let’s look at what we are working with here tony stark is seen though out the MCU nursing his left arm now at first this seemed like an odd Easter egg the MCU wanted us to find you know one of those Easter eggs that makes no sense till now and it has something to do with the infinity gauntlet.

there has Been many theories and speculations on who is going to wear the infinity gauntlet but this on Occasion this theory does seem more likely

Now there have been speculation that Chris evens would be the one to Willed the gauntlet as this is the last time we will see him as captain America there have been other speculations that it would be the hulk or even Thor.

let’s start putting the puzzle pieces together we see stark has been nursing his left arm though out the MCU yes it has been hurt and damaged in the past but if stark is the one to truly wear the gauntlet think about it his left arm what arm does the mad Titan have the gauntlet on his left arm this is just a theory you want to see where this was inspired this theory
anyway till next time guys this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing off

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