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Markiplier/alterEgo theory

Ok guys this is a weird one so I went back and rewatched who killed markiplier which I know I know was last updated November 20th 2017 then we got the follow up with Wilford motherloving warfstahe now before you all hulk out in the comments say


I believe it is going somewhere yes just bare with me angry button bashers I’m just getting started please put your keyboards down thank you and to answer you question on why analyse it now because I feel like we’ve missed something like someone plays a big role then we really thought.

So if you’ve follow markiplier for a long time you would know he played a creepy odd game called Doki Doki Literature club. But this really is not about that creep ass game It’s about the description he put with the game I’m going to link to the playlist he made there’s a lot of weird poems and they all link to who killed Markiplier and Wilford motherloving Warstashe


If you read the poems remember I said someone plays a bigger role then we first thought if you read the last poem it says don’t trust the seer over and over and keeps being missed spelt the nearer the end it says Abe didn’t die Abe is the Detective we saw get shot in who killed Markiplier Now if we go from that last poem in the description of doki doki literature club playlist we are lead to believe that it is Damian the mayor talking but I have a different view on that as Damian and Celine are are who make up dark plus the evil entity plus the viewer maybe that is actually from the viewer perspective

When we watch Wilford motherloving warstashe it looks like two timelines are meeting when they shouldn’t past with the Film Nior and the Detective not be unable to remember a thing about any specific dates places times the who,what, where, when and how Where as Wilford can remember even before it has happened for the detective Wilford has already lived if which he makes obvious when he goes to a picture of every and says the gangs altogether and look how ping we were and asked the detective how he had it with the detective saying he has always had it going back to the don’t trust the seer and it being from the viewer perspective maybe that was the viewers way of saying Abe don’t trust the seer because there is more than you will ever know and it’s going to drive you crazy even to breaking point where you don’t know what’s reality and what’s not anymore. Anyway it’s just a theory going off a few poems and rewatching Who killed Markiplier and Wilford motherloving warstashe till next guys this is Luna wolf 🐺 sign out ✌🏻

Before I officially sign off go give my last post some love it’s to Luke Perry a talented person and honestly he was a huge inspiration to me especially in buffy the vampire slayer and riverdale

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