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before I get started thank you to digital spy where I got this information from want to read the full article ——>Full digital spy article let’s get in to this shall we as we know Arrow is coming to an end after the 8th season but there are talks of possible spin off to carry the legacy of the arrowverse here are some of the shows

Now we saw Tyler Hoechlin in the arrowverse crossover and he has garnered almost universal praise for his hopeful, lighthearted CW take on the Man of Steel, so it seems like a no-brainer to give him a crack at his own series. (And rumor has it most folks want it too)

2. Suicide Squad

Arrow has tried twice already to make a version of this iconic villain team-up work – even going to far as to rename them ‘The Ghost Initiative’ to get around any implications with WB Maybe third time’s the charm?

One of the reasons the Arrowverse works is that it’s unafraid to tell different kinds of stories under the umbrella of a “superhero series”. So why not a period drama? 

Set in the 1940s, a JSA series would be able to more fully explore the iconic characters only briefly introduced in Legends of Tomorrow, including Rex Tyler, Dr. Mid-nite, Commander Steel, Stargirl and Obsidian.

Arrow’s been teasing a Green Lantern connection for years via Easter eggs and veiled hints, so maybe it’s finally time for it all to pay off. ‘Elseworlds’ revealed that Earth 90’s John Diggle is, in fact, The Green Lantern, which finally opens up a direct way to bring the iconic hero into the Arrowverse.

In her role as Arrow showrunner, Beth Schwartz has proven particularly skilled at writing women and deepening the relationships between the show’s female characters. A Birds of Prey series could keep her doing just that, while maintaining the Arrowverse’s connection to several of its most iconic characters

Sure, this show has already existed with this same actor (Matt Ryan) on another network. But, since the CW willingly incorporated that John Constantine into this universe, it could easily take another crack at doing a solo series justice.

With the loss of Arrow, the CW needs a superhero series that’s just a little darker, grittier and likely more violent than some of its counterparts. 

A series based on Nyssa al Ghul and/or the elite squad of assassins she’s doubtless training somewhere would fit that bill. 

Lastly You can’t give us a future story featuring Oliver and Felicity’s kids teaming up with Old Man Roy Harper to save their parents’ city and then take it away from us.

The ones I would like to see star city 2040 ,Constantine, suicide squad and superman but I will watch them all with an open mind what ones would you want let me know in the comments below till next time guys this is Luna Wolf 🐺 signing off ✌🏻

Before I officially sign off do check out my last post where I did a theory on Darkiplier ok bye bye

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