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Very personal story

this is a very personal story I haven’t shared this with people so here goes I was told I have epilepsy and MPD (multipule personality disorder) at the age of 7 at that point I was having back seizures one that was actually so bad my heart stopped twice that i was declared dead ( so just to clear that up for ou i died twice on same day at a young age)

but upon some how surviving that, that didn’t stop me from anything that includes discoving YouTube which lead me to discover Dan and Phil.

As you or may not know in 2012 the beginning of 2013 i start youtube doing covers songs but i got bullied off by kids from college that gave me a gap to 2014 to come up with a new idea at that point youtube gamers were on the rise so i started a gaming channel and short film channel.

3rd september 2014 I then discovered jaccksepticeye doing his Sims 4 series he was there when I was in a dark place and I was having a nervous breakdown and tried my suicide attempts on my life as well as getting in to a supid suicide pact, after discovering jaccksepticeye I then went on to discovered Markiplier, PewDiePie Natewantstobattle and many more as I have grown and without them I seriously wouldn’t be here they were a friendly face while I was struggling and stressed from college they are the comic relief when I want they are friendly voice you just need to here after a bad day.

In 2017 I was told I had PTSD and my depression and anxiety got worse so I turn to YouTube even more

youtube has become a stress relief and helping hand and someone that just there when no one else is and though I know all the YouTubers I mentioned here this slot but they have really saved my life in and I can’t express my thanks to them I know I started my YouTube channel because of them and ok I haven’t posted for a long time now becaue after my dad got Diagnosed with Prostate cancer my positivity and creativity just began to fade away because of the fear I was losing my dad I suffered enough lost I couldn’t lose my dad as well anyway that’s has been my little personal story

If you read this please feel free to share it with the YouTuber I mentioned this is Luna wolf 🐺 aka Nikita Wolf signing off ✌🏻

8 Replies to “Very personal story”

  1. DUDE! you need a hug.
    mpd = mid
    multipule personality disorder = multiple identity disorder
    T-o I spit my mind in two in high school (it can lead to some strange situation).

    I know what it feels to have a love one with cancer, it hurt a lot.

    1. It does luckily my dad is in remission but that doesn’t mean it won’t come back as for my MPD it was brought on by my epilepsy and it has landed me in to some strange situations they even have names just so people know I’m not being myself

      1. Mine was from emotional repression, his name is Connor (he’s a lot more gung-ho then me).

        I guess what I have is kind of like epilepsy, I was just always told to control it and stop feeling pain.

        Sometimes you just really need a hug and for someone to tell you your not alone.

      2. Instead of being told to stop feeling the pain Somewhere along the way I just learnt to stop feeling and I started to lose trust in people became more inclosed to myself I also stopped talking

      3. T_o You just become catatonic most days.
        It’s kind of why created a different me, so that I could dissociate myself from those feelings.

        My doctor forced me to join a club against my will, “You will talk to people.”

      4. I did so have my YouTube channel like I said in my post as a distraction but my creativity faded after my dads diagnosis

      5. There is not much one can do in these hard times then try to come to terms with what your feeling.
        it’s like I said to my sweetheart, “I’m sad right now, and need to allow myself to feel and accept that sadness.”

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