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We have now established Scott doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit because he has now brought us fnaf VR HELP WANTED

but that is not what we are going to be talking about.

we have a theory attached to this game as well that also links back to fanf 6 but before I get in to that remember Scott saying quote (my original intentions didn’t come across clearly. In those instances, I make a point to clarify in the next game.)

The same could be said for the new VR game help

Let’s now get in to it.

This is the teaser pic for help wanted now in normal fnaf fashion we have the text and then the you have a hidden message

Do all the hard work o uncovering the hidden messages or have the game theories get there before you but from the hidden message you should see this

Remember Jeremy as in this Jeremy supposed buried from the image of the lorekeeper ending

The one that we believed to be a night guard now well let me give you my theory we know that it’s been six games one story the story of Micheal Afton but if you have the fnaf logbook there is faded text and one that jumps out

Do you remember you name remember this logbook was owned by Mike (Micheal Afton) But what if Micheal isn’t his real name his name has been forgotten till now

As show by the faded text here what do you remember

Well Let’s put it together Micheal Afton has been going behind his father William springtrap Afton fixing his fathers wrong doings setting the sprits of his friends free now the fact that the book is asking if he remembers anything and remembers his name should be the biggest price of the puzzle he is Jeremy that is his first name Jeremy Micheal Afton aka crying child aka the bite victim of 1983 the on literal purple guy who had his inders replaced with ennard

Ennard the something that was let in by accident by two technicians that hung themselves I leave the ready to your imagination till next time guys this is luna wolf 🐺 signing off ✌🏼

13 Replies to “Yet another Fanf game”

  1. Don’t listen to THEM
    WE let something inside

    do you remember Jeremy

    There is a big problem this last one, no punctuation.

    Do you remember Jeremy?
    Do you remember, Jeremy.

    Micheal does have a brother.

      1. Just vanishes after you see the bite and him being in the fnaf 6 midnight motorist that’s the only mentions of him

      2. He isn’t really mentioned there, we just presume.

        Crying child is a strange kid, he is very selective of what is scared of.
        I would’t want to be out in the woods at night…and why doesn’t his dad care? “He will be sorry when he gets back.”
        Your just perfectly OK with your 6-8 year old roaming the woods at night.

        The child is also not scared of his dad.
        My dad would kill me if I smashed a window and disobeyed an order like, “open the door.”

        Is this after or before his frontal labotamy?

      3. If that doesn’t scream bad parenting I don’t know what does and best we are dealing with a father who is a control freak watching over his son because he doesn’t want him to meet the same fate as his sister and worse dealing with a phyco killer who made his son afriad to go back to Freddy’s leaving clear for him to return and continue his killing spree and hiding the evidence

      4. So you reckon his dad is a control freak?
        “Leave him alone tonight”
        T-o There could be some level of obsession with the child, it could explain why the other brother hates him (gets more attention).

        We know that the dad is the killer, Even the death of Elisabeth wasn’t completely accidental.
        “Didn’t you make her for me.”
        “This isn’t what we asked for.”

        He built baby with the intention of luring his little girl in particular.

      5. Yeah i thought that after seeing the trailer I was going to do a separate theory on that but my thoughts were the crying child had a home nurse with him i know the home nurses have special names I can’t for the life of me remember what it is though

      6. I don’t think that is his room.
        Why would a child have a double bed and an alarm clock???? My theory: His dad put him in his room to stop braking out the window.
        XD lol.

        Y_Y I should know the name….district nurse! sorry, that’s the uk word.

      7. That’s It I’m from the UK and I should remember that myself it’s Monday it’s one of those days my my brain does not want to think or do anything

      8. Also you might be right I went back and checked it it could be the parents room because I watched and we watched the video of Matpat’s fnaf 4 theories and is hiding and crying next to a double bed and not in his own room like you would see in the game which begs the question does he okay did Dad take the child off the IV drip to stop him running away and shove him in that bedroom Because if we are looking at is the daddy is William Afton the child is Michael afton Then that would sort of make sense And being there as it is in the fnaf 4 And that also strikes up another question with the VR game way baby is back in her brothers room and she comes after you in the closet well theres a theory there somewhere

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