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Undertale Multiverse connection theory

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My friend can up with an awesome theory and in all honesty we would of thought Matpat would of picked up on this welcome to the multiverse connection theory where The stories of the fallen are connected to undertale hearts though the reverse order of the games Toby fox is releasing

The stories are working backwards starting with frisk being the last fallen child then we saw Susie story in DeltaRune how do we know its susie story let go by her choices as players choices it is clear it is not the players story but they are the spectators of Susie impacts on the comes of the story of DeltaRune. Let’s use an example of how we know all this she chose to befriend lancer and she helped lancer see the error of his ways so if frisk is determination what would that make Susie? Well simple answer if know the game you susie try’s her best to persevere who do you think it could be next me and friend think it’s bravery next if Toby does a double cross on and doesn’t do bravery like we think we think it maybe kindness.

Also the heart kris rips out is heart of control he want to loss the players control over him so his choices Matter the last thing you can move is the heart in the cage.

oh Toby you cunning fox (think about Kris’s reactions when Susie grabbed him in the hall)

He just let it happen he was emotionless he is what we call with aplepthy = basic means they don’t care about anything they lack interest and general basic human emotions…..

Anyway they are question I am going to leave with you till next time guys this is Luna Wolf 🐺 signing off

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