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Escape the night season 4

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It is back escape the night is back with a fourth season and joey has been leaving cryptic messages on his social media his first message with the teaser was this

Now I am going to put up the teaser

Now when you see trailer you think nothing of it right then you look at this message

Who do you think is coming back meaning past players that were killed Of are now back in play now they can come from season 1 to season 3 how do work that out besides joey saying it’s an all star cast

Joey says everyone deserves a second chance and asks who your dream cast is.This is where theory comes in not not even a theory just by the fell of the trailer joey says tea will be spilled

No from the whole perspective and feel of it we are looking at a wonderland vibe and a twisted mad hatters tea party Where the atmosphere is going to be less than friendly.

What makes me say that well of past players come back they will be bearing a grudge like let’s use Shane from season 1 he was killed off instantly or if I Justine comes back from season 1 she will be another one with a grudge because she was buried alive so not only literal Tea will be spilled but also the The Tea the Truth that is will be spilled from past players with grudges to bare But hey this is just a theory a YouTube theory no in all seriousness watch the trailer and look at joeys tweets see if you get the Alice in wonderland vibe a twisted mad hatters tea party feel till next time guys this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing off ✌🏼

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