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Escape the night Pandora’s box theory

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in my past theory I said it was a twisted mad hatters tea party

I am a big girl and I can admit that I was worng But now that I have watched it though Matpat’s theory on joey makes so much more sense. (

Let’s review can we trust joey is not on the side of evil ok he is working with the society against evil but how much do we know about them they may not be as heroic as they are making out as for joey he may not be on the side of good as we think.

Let’s look back at season one really just binge watch them

Joey and Lele has to play perverse games and the end result was killing off Glozell an act that was initiated by joey because Glozell called him out

He had zero remorse in his words it’s his party he can kill who he wants too.

this pattern continues he is evil and he may not know it now he has opened Pandora’s box in season 4 the legend of Pandora’s box goes that the box was made to contain all things evil well joey got sucked in maybe this is where we get to officially get to mean this cursed god.

the cursed god cursed meaning cursed to be trapped in Pandora’s box for entirety unless a willing vessel aka joey can set him free.

Maybe that is what season 5 is going to see joey being taken over by the cursed God the soul and mind of joey will be trapped in that house where it all started the house joey still has the deed too.

Maybe this being the title for a potential season 5

Escape the night season 5 pandora box is open

Anyway that is just a theory a YouTube theory time next time guys this is Luna wolf 🐺 saying ✌🏻out

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