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So I was reported that peter capaldi was playing a mystery character with a bald head
Now for the theory the only character we have seen in the DC movies that is bald is lex luther play by Jesse eisenberg but if Lex Luther faked his death when in to hiding for a long time whose to say that over that time lex did go from this to

This and was found again to be required for suicide sqaud as a member or even the new leader of the band of misfits.
My reason behind this theory
When Jesse was playing lex luther he was set to play Daniel atlas in now you see me and now you see me 2 so if Jesse lex luther did break out of prison and fake his death it make sense for lex luther to look older.

Any way it’s just a theory a hero theory till next time guys this is Luna wolf 🐺 siging off ✌🏻

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