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Frozen 2 trailer has left me with questions

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We all know and love Disney’s one and only ice princess a story based of the ice queen I am talking about frozen now they released the trailer for frozen 2 which yes I just got round to watching I have some questions oh and if you haven’t seen the trailer here’s the link

let’s start with these questions

Question 1. In the opening of the trailer the king is telling his daughters a story about an enchanted forest that of closed off that not the bit that I have questions about the bit I have questions about is why the queen was so quick to leave the room.

Question 2. This is the big one we know Elisa for using ice magic suddenly she is a elemntalist as you see in the trailer she somehow masters fire we know else was powerful but do we know how powerful.

My last question is in the king’s story he spoke of enchanted forest that was closed off and no one can enter it you see the said same forest serounded by fog and else gets it to part and her Anna Christophe and sevn enter and forest that was never mentioned in the first film suddenly is relevent to this one

And I have to go back watch it again frame by frame to make sense of everything sorry for the rant till next time guys this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing out ✌🏻

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