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I don’t want to go to my local cinema to have couples in front of me making out or the kids behind me kicking out and occasionally yelling that just puts me off, look you are not here to read a rant about what happens at my local cinema you’re here because the title clearly says joker so let’s get in to it.

Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix,  older brother to the very famous River Phoenix now joker is about a guy with a illness who blurs the lines of reality and fantasy he also finds out his adopted which is bound to send him way over the edge this man we have known as Arthur Fleck gets told he maybe a Wayne now we have to remember he hasn’t fully lost his humanity so Thomas Wayne is still alive Bruce isn’t witnessing their deaths so what is the trigger well if I am right in thinking the joker is well the jokers origin story what made him the way he is being humiliated on tv by a guy he idolise to having his identity stripped by his mother telling him his adopted it enough to send anyone mad and on a rampage wouldn’t you think. What really makes to Joker tick what really from every batman to the comics what pushes him to be the clown prince of Gotham to everyone’s thorn in the side batman he needs Joker has much as joker need him. Anyway my take on the joker till next time peace out

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