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At the moment this stands as a theory or more of an assumption but if I have follow the trail of bread crumble right it may not be that big of a stretch.

Thought we will miss him physically Tony stark may not be gone as maybe as one of his last projects before he died he made a AI of himself how can we prove this well simples the hologram of Tony projected from his Iron Man helmet during the funeral scene wasn’t a recording but an AI of him how do we know it wasn’t a simple recording of a strong man well

When the hologram was about to end we saw that Tony stood up from his chair and came towards Morgan his daughter and made eye contact with her and said ‘I love you 3000’.

Case in point in he is now an holographic AI he could read to his daughter or be in her future suit that happy may or may not have stored away on instructions left by Tony in a letter or a private video even if Morgan doesn’t use AI Tony pepper may and for some reason I think this maybe a big part in either doctor stranger 2 or the next avenger movie

The questions remaining is if it was a prerecorded hologram how would Tony know that Morgan would be sitting on the sofa,when Pepper and Morgan would be watching the hologram?

“And also how would he know the location from where the hologram was getting projected?

“Not just the location but how would a 3D hologram make eye contact with a human.

“How would Tony know the locations before recording?

“According to science, it isn’t possible for a pre-recorded message to be like this.

“What if? It was Tony’s A.I.? Backed up in his helmet? Waiting for his wife daughter and his team to see them .

Anyway that just a theory a heroes theory I’ve been Nikita wolf 🐺 signing off

Before I go don’t forget to check out my last blog post about the joker seriously though even now I am still finding little Bits to do theories with the avengers you think the Rosso brothers would be bored of reading them.

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