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Chase theory (a jacksepticeye ego theory)

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If you haven’t seen jacksepticeyes video chase one why the hell not and two really you should it is cleverly done and very well edited and if not warning maybe spoilers ahead,anyway this is my theory last time we saw chase his wife left him and took the kids if we are to assume it is continuing that narrative chase is now being evicted and has not long discovered his wife and kids may have died going by the pile of stone and the photo chase sets beside it

Before we get to that part remember I said chase is getting evicted well after tearing the note of the door her gets in his car for those who have seen it

Either we have foreshadowing of chase watching himself have a breakdown or it’s another ego say like Anti getting a kick of of Chases breakdown and if it is foreshadowing then the scene at the end where one minute he was drinking away his problems the next he is being pulled to a roof top may make a bit more scene.

Seriously if you haven’t seen it I am adding a link

leave your own theories below and do you think jacksepticeye is trying to create and extended would little like mark is so their characters have crossover interactions

Anyway that’s just a theory till next time guys I’ve been Luna wolf 🐺signing out ✌🏻

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