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Chase is leading up to a big Halloween video that may involve Anti theory

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Let me start by saying this is going to go in a strange direction by please try stay with me so by now you may or may not have watched Jacksepticeye’s video chase one of many jacks alter egos

Well in this picture we see logically what we are assuming is Chase watching himself fall apart but let’s step away from logic a day the ghostly figure in the back is not chase at all it is anti another one of jacks egos looks like jack may have something big planned and anti knowing it’s coming up for Halloween is getting desperate getting paranoid thinking the world has forgotten him as dark had said in anti vs dark and if jack has a big video planned you can better dear old anti is at the centre and it’s going to lead off from chase being on the roof of a building and the other egos are slowly going to appear in to it.

Hey that’s just a theory a YouTuber theory my name is Luna wolf 🐺 till next time ✌🏻out

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