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Crazy thought on utilizing the joker

This is a crazy thought and I apologise if I lose anyone with my rambling I am sleep deprived hense why it’s a crazy thought but try to go with me the best you can

Here is what We already know The Batman from Matt Reeves is going to be set decades in the past, but the outlet is reporting that if there is ever a Joker utilized, it would be a different one — meaning this film will create yet another universe. So if the new batman film is to use the joker my crazy thought is will they use Joaquin Phoenix’s joker a failed comedian with a mental illness and keep the whole innocence there is no crime or use Jared Leto’s joker the clown prince of crime who may or may not be Jason Todd or utilise both and do a multiverse where both jokers meet each other which then starts the crimes which then calls in Robert pattinson’s batman because the batman is just Kind of a way of the studio to introduce Robert pattinson as the batman and say goodbye to ben afleck really time

And then we have rumors of J.J. Abrams creating another reboot of Superman, one that will likely exist in the same universe as Robert Pattinson’s Batman on top of that we will have a supposed set of two universes — three if the Jokeruniverse takes off in any meaningful way. All of this can change and my crazy thought can just be that of sleep deprivation let me know your thoughts below this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing out ✌🏼guys

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  1. I like the idea of the different universe’s converging. This would give DC a chance to focus on making individually impressive films like the joker and not need any hint of a wider world. This would be a much more organic approach to building a cinematic universe as their other one seems to have fallen apart a tad

    1. It also gives them a lot more creative control like the flash TV show played around with multiverses different versions of themselves unlike the TV shows the movies have a bigger budget they can push the envelope with it they tried

    2. I agree and they can look in to doing other characters as well maybe even picking up the CW ARROEVERSE and building up more of their characters introducing new characters including villains they have room to expand and explore

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