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What is Edith besides being a stylish pair of glasses it is an invention made by none other than tony stark himself what does it stand for  “Even Dead, I’m The Hero”.  So no surprises stark’s ego got in the way there  he couldn’t let his smart-arseness  take a backseat but lets look at the title of it Even Dead, I’m The Hero um okay EVEN DEAD hey Tony did you know you were going to die and you made Edith as an insurance policy well the answer is yes he did know he was going to die Tony Stark death revealed in CIVIL WAR.

While the reveal in itself doesn’t necessarily mean much, when you add up the timeline, the decision was already made before Civil War was released nearly a year later in 2016.

The film was a big one for Iron Man, as he faced an almighty fall-out with his former friend Steve Rogers.

But knowing how his death fits into the puzzle now, will eager-eyed fans find moments in the film that predicted Stark’s death two films later?

The writers went on to discuss how they felt about some of the other scenes that made the cut.

“I mean, frankly, it’s hard to think of cutting anything at the moment, so it’s hard to see what would have gone, but there’s things I’m glad are in the movie,” Markus shared. “Certainly, you could tell the Steve Rogers story on a plot level starting with him just walking into the room and saying ‘Hi’ to Natasha when she’s crying and not have the support group scene.

that is just a theory this is Luna wolf signing out peace guys

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