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Now as normal I was watching one of MatPat’s theories I know typical me but this one got me thinking which theory you ask this one
Now my question is have we been looking at the joker all wrong no think about it matpat makes a point in this video is Joker who we know as the clown prince of crime actually the good guy?

Is the bad guy really the one masquerading as the hero of Gotham Batman as theory and lore goes the Joker batman lore has been very screwed up as it goes but to coin a phrase from an horror gaming franchise I have come to tolerate the pieces are in place for us that is true but we still have the whole robin is joker theory as well which counts Jared letos joker out of this theory I am looking more at Heath ledger’s joker and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker  is he the good guy I say watch Matpat’s video he goes in more detail and he really gets you thinking this is Luna wolf signing off

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