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Crisis on infinite earths theory

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Let’s talk the flash or rather let’s talk The flash’s daughter so Nora west- Allen’s a speedster like her dad check but so much like her mum double check with the added bonus of being mega clumsy, I think we have got the right Nora ok now why do I of all people bring up Barry Allen’s kid well because dear sweet clumsy Nora might be the reason for the demise of the flash let me explain Nora could have accidentally set up the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event when she destroyed Cicada’s dagger you know the dagger that case from sally that was built by Cisco that dagger. Well before I go in to the theory let me give you a bit of background you know Nora West-Allen, is from the future, she was a major recurring character in The Flash season 5. She’d traveled back in time in order to get to know her father – and she vaguely dreamed of somehow rewriting history, preventing his disappearance in the Crisis that was destined to happen in 2024.

Ok we are clear on Nora’s background let’s get in to the theory

But why did the destruction of Cicada’s dagger accelerate the Crisis? The mystery has only deepened as a result of The Flashseason 6 and arrow season 8. The flash season 6 episode 2  revealed that the Crisis has been going on for over a year now. Barry Allen traveled to Earth-3 to talk to fellow super-speedster Jay Garrick, who revealed that he’d been monitoring a Multiversal crisis for the last year. He’d been detecting mysterious antimatter signatures, and had even been able to run some sort of algorithm that told him the entire Multiverse was in danger. One of these antimatter surges was encountered by Oliver Queen at the end of the Arrow season 8 premiere, when Earth-2 was destroyed. That means worlds have been dying long before Nora destroyed Cicada’s dagger – so how has the Crisis moved forward in time?

The most logical explanation is that, while the antimatter wave may be consuming the Multiverse, it is actually drawn to a world by the actions of an unknown metahuman. In the original timeline, Cicada’s dagger was used as a tool to keep dangerous metahumans imprisoned and depowered; it must have held this mystery being in check, preventing them from drawing the Crisis to Earth-1 – until 2024, when something happened that meant they escaped the dagger’s inhibiting presence. But the dagger has now been destroyed, which means the timeline will run differently. This mystery metahuman can’t be inhibited now, and as a result they summon the Crisis in 2019 instead. 

The question is who or what is this meta human that was imprisoned is it even a meta human or is it bigger than team flash can realistically can handle and also if this meta human or what ever it is courses Barry to disappear the Nora won’t exist either.

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