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A heist with markipler theory

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Watching a heist with markiplier not only have I got questions but obviously I got theories so let’s begin shall we ? at the start of the video we as in the viewer and mark are robbing a museum for a mysterious box more on the box

Now it seems like mark is willing to risk his life and our life for this box and when we finally get the tone shifts his behaviour shifts now we have the first question what mark are we with yeah in the beginning this seemed like normal mark the mark we all know and love now we have this box that looks pointless at first glance but some how though multiple endings has some sort of use.

This is where my theory comes in it’s connected to who killed markiplier not just from the evidence in this video —->
which also holds proof that marks behaviour has changed from when we started said mission to get said box darkipler said himself on our phone we should of seen though it unless we couldn’t because we are not the same viewer as in who killed markipler let me explain we never left that mansion in who killed markiplier neither did any of the people you see pictures of in the hallway in the video link above that box is use to trap our souls  Actor marks little trophy if you like while actor mark lives on in as Damian who we really robbed the museum with and dark who is dubbed as the crazy one has actually been trying to help us leave us clues breadcrumbs to escape from actor mark.

But hey that’s just a theory a YouTuber theory this is Luna Wolf 🐺 signing out ✌🏼guys

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