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When we talk about the Mandela Effect what do you normally think of us remembering something one way when it is actually something else let me give you an example do you remember the line from star wars

“Luke I am your farther”

we remember it like that don’t we well now this is where i am going to ruining star wars forever for you the line is actually

“No Luke I  am Your father”

so why do we remember it so differently well there are some theories that say although our lives are looking and running as normal to us we are jumping between parallel or timeline universes but time for us is going normally so certain things we remember may have happened but on a parallel universe or timeline next theory is the multiverse timelines bending or erasing Mandela Effects pop up almost everyday now personally the multiverse theory I would put down to people watching to much CW’s The Flash .



here’s another example now who remembers the Looney Toons  being spelt like this  well surprise surprise we have been wrong all this time its Looney Tunes tunes as in music not Toons as in cartoons makes no scenes right

gh-mandela-effect-template-pikachu-1563918487.pngjust think how much of your childhood has been ruined lets see shall we here we go let’s take every ones favourite Pokemon Pikachu we all remember him with a black tip on his tail apparently that was never true if that is the case we have all been living on another bloody planet or we all dreamt it  and had the same lucid Dreams or we are been simulated by the Illuminati and everything we remember happening that i have mentioned has been wiped from our memories and they have been brainwashing us to forget and make out it is the polar opposite to what we remember or they tried look up mandela Effects they will screw with you.

This is Luna Wolf signing out

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