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When I first saw they were making a sonic movie at first I was like this could go one of two way because movies based on games have been hit or miss then I Saw the Concept they originally had which later became a meme in itself and in my opinion nightmare inducing So I thank the powers that be of the film industry they went back and reworked it remastered it and redesigned it and now it looks awesome not to mention it stars Jim Carrey being a Jim Carrey fan I fully approve and you know I am going to go see it and you best be sure I will have a blog ready as well because honestly I can’t say much from jsur watching this trailer so I will hold all relevant judgement till I have seen the film. Let me know what you think of the cast of sonic movie do you think the film will be good do you think it will be like detective Pikachu which was an awesome movie and did brilliant at the box office or will it be a mega flop let me know in the comments below this is Luna wolf 🐺 sign out sorry it a short one today

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