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Now if like me you were a kid of the 90s these will be all to familer to you

Now for someone that wasn’t a kid of the 90s and had a relatively normal kidhood these will look Allen to you well this little shit is called a furby looks cute and cuddly right don’t let it fool you see they start out that way you can interact with it then suddenly it goes rogue it starts to learn then it starts using foul language or talking on its own. Now these furbys have a cute hatch you own counter part a modern day version hatchimals inspired by the furby

these furby rejects have the same principle as a furby it’s only a matter of time before they start to go rogue I mean it didn’t take a furby look to switch from cute too all out satanic elegidly (meaning I don’t know how true this story is) but there was a furby who told it’s caregiver they were going to hell and if it is will we see it’s modern day counter part expressing the same mentality just throwing that out there. that is it from me it’s morning now I’m freaking delerious this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing out

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