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The plot for season 5 and theory on the cursed god.

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If joey gets approved for a season 5 here is just my theory of what season 5 is going to be at the end of season 4 all stars we saw joey getting sucked in to Pandora’s box

Well the collector mentioned one word over and over again which makes me think that is going to be the next plot point and joey isn’t going to be the leader this time around let me explain and please bare with me let start with the repeated word from the collector The burning inferno of the devil himself I’m talking about Hell or rather the nine circles of hell pictured here .

Now I hear your screams saying but you said joey isn’t the one leading the YouTubers this time so who is it? Well it will be joeys boyfriend

mr Daniel Preda he will go on a rescue mission though the nine circles of hell to rescue joey and the other YouTubers who died twice only to realise that joey is the antagonist. Now I also have a theory on the cursed god look at the imaginary on the Pandora’s box the only “god” that I can think of that has tentacles coming from it’s face

Cthulhu from H.p. Lovecraft he maybe the cursed god they keep mentioning.

But hey that’s just a theory this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing off

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