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Spectre an All powerful cosmic being (arrowverse)

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It is now confirmed what Oliver has to become you know after delivering his famous likes of I must become someone else I must become something else it turns out we now know what that something else is
What is that something else well
Just look at these abilities and judge for yourselves
meet The Spectre this is the name given to several functional anti-heroes, really like who I hear you type out in the comments well i can tell you that the spectre is James Brendan “Jim” Corrigan and welcome to the lineUp MR Oliver Queen you are now one of the most over powered superheroes with god like abilities that can potentially stop crisis from happening or make it happen and
you Mr Queen say goodbye to your speedster friend while leaving iris-west-Allen A widow and hating your guts while you become practically a fricking god like figure like the monitor why do I say god like let’s look at these abilities shall we starting with
◦ immortality
◦ Cosmic- level
✓ Reality wrapping
Let take this one reality wrapping hello Oliver that means you can change reality around you Barry doesn’t die he gets to see Nora again and in that reality I don’t know your don’t hate you they look up to you they try and be like you and who knows your wife is still around roy doesn’t have blood lust speedy aka thea is living with you again getting to know her niece tommy is dead and not a sadistic ass we see him to be malcom merlin has stopped his life of crime so many possibilities that you can warp round you no one would be any the wiser because you’re your this all powerful being now. But hey that just a theory a comic theory this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing out ✌🏻guys

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