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Scott cawthon is back at it again just when I think I am done with Fnaf he is mass releasing with his new books fazbear frights not to mention new games in the works,

we now have more lore to deal with and more questions that have been answered which leaves us with more plot holes now if you read these books don’t be quick to jump to the conclusion that they are not canon written in side the books is this

So what this means is some details l the canon lore itself.

now I have gone back over my theories and Matpat’s theories again and again with these new books thinking should all that we have learnt should I toss that out the window the short answer I wish was yes but no as Matpat will explain it better than I possibly can in the link below

But the book of the series fazbear frights we are interested in is into the pit why? well that is where questions start to get answered the narrator in help wanted says While it’s true some of stories associated with our name were loosely based on actual events majority of them were total fabrications from a mind of a complete lunatic. After this quote we get shown a picture of Scott cawthon which we all instantly jumped to the consternation of Scott’s places himself in the game as the rouge game developer this game developer is a miss direct to throw us off the lore so we were wrong to instantly think it was Scott cawthon after Matpat put his video out about Scott being the bad guy of the games Scott put a statement out saying this

So there you go it’s not Scott that is the rouge developer it’s a character that gets mentioned a lot in into the pit it’s Oswald you can also watch Matpat’s theory to understand it better

But anyway Oswald is the rouge game dev if has a love for video games check draws creepy imagery of robot animals check fan of Japanese film and manga check and as the series goes on it won’t be the last we see of this kid how do we know this is the Image on Scott games are the moment

Does. That mean a fetch quest or we play as Oswald creating the fnaf game in the game with what looks like glitch trap behind him who could be Telling Oswald what to do there is a lot I could read in to this picture but that is a theory all to its self. Thill next time this is Nikita Wolf 🐺 signing out ✌🏼

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