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Is doctor who running parallel to the Arrowverse

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Earlier I was watch David Tennant’s doctor who they did an episode called the Lazarus Experiment which made me come up with a theory to my mother Now bear with me because I may sound barking mad but I think it is like to the CW ARROWVERSE but either in a parallel world or multi verse heres my evidence. In the arrowverse Thea was brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit with one down fall she will have bloodlust now here is the doctor who parallel professsor Lazarus created a device that not just made him younger but completely mutanted his DNA to look like that butt ugly thing below not the point

he was Altering his DNA so he could stay young like I said and the only thing to keep him looking young was to feed on human life the uncontrollable hunger I mean seriously call me crazy but that is twice Lazarus is mentioned in some way so these events must be running parallel to each other or on different multiverses let me know what you think because I think it’s not just a coincidence Lazarus just happens to show up till next time guys This is Luna wolf 🐺 signing out ✌🏻

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