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With black widow movie coming and all After the climactic events of Avengers: Endgame, Natasha Romanoff is finally getting the big-screen origin story that maybe would’ve made more sense like eight years ago. But better late than never. This is where theory comes in,

In Order for Natasha to have an origin film she would need to be brought back from the dead well there just so happens to be such a theory about that black widow will come to life because Captain America returned the stones and red skull resurrected the black widow but another theory suggests that black widow wasn’t ready to die not yet she wanted handle something from her past as we know Red skull told her fathers name so she maybe be going to find her dad also I’m guessing there is going to be an Element of time travel so she can go back.

Another explanation for black widow resurrection: we don’t see gamora after Tony snapped his fingers and we the viewers don’t exactly know what he wished for before he snapped his fingers and Tony never met gamora, and he know tha is got the soul stone thanks to Gamora so there is a high possibility that before tony snapped his fingers he wished for Natasha’s resurrection in exchange of Gamora’s life.

But hey that just a theory till next time guys this is Luna wolf 🐺 signing off

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