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Chris was the first fallen human ?

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This is a theory that I am working on based off my cosplay that I am doing this is an undertale theory if you didn’t tell by the title so what is the theory you ask well I think and please bare with me that Toby foxes second game DeltaRune comes first in the timeline Chris was or the first fallen human or was meant to be at the end of the game Chris heart breaks in half then follows the events of undertale where we meet frisk and chara,

Well what if frisk and chara are Chris let me explain after chris’s heart breaks he/she goes crazy like you see with chara in the genocide run with DeltaRune there are no choses in undertale you have a chose to good or be well like chara

And your next question is what cosplay made me go so deep

This is my cosplay jumper half frisk half chara soul split up maybe for Christ just waiting to be put back together again.

That was my crazy theory till next time guys peice out this is Luna wolf signing off

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