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Dick Grayson death confirmed and my Prediction and theory

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Am I happy and smug as all hell right now yes why because thank you to screen rant for this video linked here

that out right confirms a pass theory where I used this pic

Here Lies dick Grayson the original

But let’s rewind to the end of batman vs superman where we see batman looking at robins suit now it has been debated which robin dick Grayson or Jason Todd

Hahaha jokes on you

Well it has now been confirmed by Zack Snyder himself it was dick Grayson who the joker kills do I have theories naturally but I also have a Prediction as well so let’s get them out the way.

I personally think the new batman movie is a prequel so it happens before the joker kills dick Grayson is there Continuity errors and timeline errors yes how well if Dick Grayson is going to die how to hell is he going to be nightwing his new persona

And as you can from this blog I did the role is casted so if the role is cast and It has someone to play Nightwing but there is no Dick Grayson because he’s six-foot under who’s got a play nightwing Jason Todd that wouldn’t make sense because if you know the timeline from the comic books Dick leaves his persona as Robin takes up the role of Nightwing Jason Todd fills the role of Robin and gets killed by the joker

I’m sorry I’m getting heated on this topic but there are too many Continuity errors and the timeline is too messed up unless the director has figured a way for Dick Grayson to come back from the dead. A solo Nightwing movie is just not gonna work because the main character of Nightwing was Robin a.k.a. Dick Grayson and Dick Grayson been confirmed as the one being dead in Batman versus Superman I don’t see that being a solo Nightwing movie.

Now my theory is if they do do they solo Nightwing movie it will either be a stand alone movie or a prequel sequel I am leaning more to it being a stand alone movie leading up to the events of the batman movie then in to the events of batman vs superman so we can see everything from his point of view so I see it as a stand alone POV movie made from his perspective leading to his death that’s just my theory.

That is My prediction and theory on why the movies are in the timeline what’s happening on Dick Grayson and that it has been confirmed it’s dick Grayson that dies Unless the director wants to do a complete 180 on me and then this theory becomes irrelevant anyway I’ve been luna wolf 🐺 signing off ✌🏻 guys

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