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This maybe confusing at first but let me explain if you seen Matpat’s unus annus theory you should have a bit of a clue if not Now let me give you a theory or I should say theories of my own.

MatPat’s theory maybe correct there is someone behide the Scenes pulling the strings of the person or persons trapped and there is someone is trying to stop the clock,but maybe not the clock we think you know the inevitable clock the clock of death

the person trying to stop it may not be who we think either meaning it may not be Marc the editor Ethan or markiplier or any of the other canon characters but someone else.

Now before I go confusing anyone let’s start with the first part of this theory the clock isn’t the clock we are think it is the the whole point behind the channel the inevitable clock no Actually Matpat brings it up at the beginning. But Nikita I hear you yell what do you mean that Matpat brings it up in the beginning to that I say the words time loop yep it really got me thinking that the clock isn’t talking about the count down to the death of the unus annus channel or unus Annus themselves because they have died countless times nope it got me thinking about what if the clock was a time loop or they were getting rebooted over and over

So whoever want to stop the clock is not talking about stopping the inevitable clock of death because like Matpat said unus and Annus have died over and over only to come back again in the next upload no but what if we are looking at someone stopping the time loop stopping the reboots qoute unquote the machine Stopping the do overs letting unus and annus die and stay died because they are disposable characters Markiplier and Ethan created not part of the extended universe markiplier has created on his channel Unus and annus are expendable

But let’s look at it this way someone is looking at stopping the clock that is true But are they looking to stop the clock to kill these characters off completely or are they looking to stop the clock if they find a way to keep these characters around on say like a hard drive or a computer Because there’s always talk of a machine so has someone found a way to keep the characters alive keep them around keep them from dying or keep them around so they can keep them dying at the will

Now for the who know Matpat this his old editor Marc is behind it somehow because the way some of the videos are edited and to a degree I’m not disagreeing but I think his just a pawn in a larger chest game and it is somehow connected to the Markiplier connected universe and I know people think darkiplier is behind it,

for some strange reasons I don’t yes it may have the markings of darkiplier the signature black and white maybe glitch here and there but I don’t think it is no strangely I hate to say it but I think it is gonna be linked back to Damien and blanks going to be involved somewhere I just haven’t figured out where

But this for now I guess you can call more of a hypothesis than a theory But it’s a working one and it’s one I’m workingI’m going to go over all of the Sonos with a fine tooth comb see what I can pick up not just hidden Messages but in their body language the way they speak and the way they act if five nights at freedy’s theories has taught me anything there is no such thing as hidden in plain sight when it can be uncovered, brighten, exposed and decoded

This is Luna wolf 🐺 signing off now ✌🏻 out guys

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